Aufstellung aller Weine von Weingut Baer


With our Rieslings, we want to express the unique character of the region. We care a lot about the history of Bacharacher Riesling, which we give a new expression with every bottle. We offer our Riesling in three quality levels. The estate wine, the Bacharacher and Orion local wines and the vineyard wines.


estate wine

Our estate wine is an homage to the Middle Rhine wine-growing region and its unmistakable Rieslings. Fruity bouquet of apples, apricots and oranges, firm acid structure, wonderfully dry with typical Middle Rhine minerality.

The grapes for our estate riesling come from our own vineyards and combine the best qualities and characteristics of the Bacharach vineyards.

Bacharacher Gutswein

village wine

Our Bacharacher village wine impresses with its light yellow color with golden reflections. Its aroma is characterized by white peaches, nectarines and stone fruit. On the palate, there is a fresh acid structure with harmonious minerality.

The grapes for our Bacharacher Village Wine come mainly from the Bacharacher Kloster Fürstental vineyard, a south-facing location below Stahleck Castle.

Compared to the Bacharacher Wolfshöhle, the soil characterized by slate has a higher proportion of clay, which gives this Riesling a certain creaminess.

Ortswein Bacharacher

village wine

Our Riesling “Orion” is characterized by its light yellow color, crunchy acidity, fine minerality and delicate fruity aromas of green apple, fresh pineapple and mirabelles.

The wines called Orion come from the various large and renowned slate-dominated sites in Bacharach and thus combine the best qualities and characteristics of the small historic community to create a unique wine experience.

Orion gets its name from a rare blue butterfly (Scolitantides Orion), which has found its home among the vines of the vineyards.

Ortswein Orion

Single Vinyard wine

The site of the Bacharacher Posten produces top-class Riesling here! Fine light yellow color, yellow stone fruit aromas and exotic reflections form the basis for a harmonious wine with a straight acid structure and mineral charm.

The Posten is named after the watchtower, which is part of the still existing medival city wall. From this vineyard, you have a direct view of the Rhine.

Its slate soils serve as a natural mineral source and heat reservoir for a balanced temperature regulation. The vines grow on gray slate and produce an elegant wine with firm acidity, which is characterized by an extremely long shelf life.

Lagewein Posten

single vineyard wine

The Riesling from the site Bacharacher Wolfshöhle shines in its greenish yellow color. It exudes aromas of mirabelles, citrus and stone fruits. On the palate, it delights with its distinctive terroir flavor, delicate melt and harmonious acid structure.

The Wolfshöhle was mentioned for the first time in 1335 and is therefore the oldest vineyard in Bacharach. It is directly adjacent to Bacharacher Posten to the west. In this location, we find various slate bases, such as clay, devon and Hunsrück slate.

Elegantly spicy Rieslings are produced on these soils. More than half of these steep slopes are managed by us at Weingut Bär.

Lagewein Bacharacher Wolfshöhle

single vineyard wine

The Riesling from the site of Steeger St. Jost is characterized by its fine yellow-green color and its intense aroma of peach compote, citrus, apples and pears. The palate has a well-balanced acid structure, melt and distinctive slate minerality.

The slate in St. Jost is criss-crossed with sand veins. This distinguishes the wine from other pure slate sites. This special feature produces balanced Rieslings with a harmonious acid structure. The vineyard is sheltered in the Steeger Valley and is separated from the Wolfshöhle by the monk's gutter.

Lagewein Steeger St. Jost

single vineyard wine

The Riesling from the Heylesen Werth archipelago impresses with its fine golden yellow color. There are aromas of honeycombs, tangerines and pomelo. On the palate, there is fine saltiness and a fresh acid structure.

The Rhein island of Heylesen-Werth is managed in a monopoly by Weingut Bär. The island has been preserved to this day, as its foundation is a slate ridge covered by sand. The surrounding floodplain forests protect the vineyard from flooding.

The combination of slate and sandy soil gives the wine a high level of elegance and, thanks to its special melt, makes it an extraordinary Riesling.

Lagewein Heylesen Werth